AWITE Products

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AWITE expertise is all about gases and their processes. They analyze, desulphurise and automate the process.

No matter whether agricultural or industrial biogas plants, biogas upgrading or grid injection, landfill gas, communal or industrial WWTPs, lab or power-to-gas applications.

There is a suitable analysis. For every process.



The AWITE comprehensive process control is based on a gas analysis systems AwiECO and AwiFLEX ensuring smooth operation and last, but not least economic efficiency of your plant on a permanent basis. The more accurate and continuous the measurements, the more they prove to be a cost and time-saving factor.

Never too much O2 in the system. For biogas plant with a capacity of 100 – 1000 m3/h. No matter how much gas will be produced, AwiDESULF monitors continuously and regulates itself.

  • AwiDESULF’s advantages:
  • process stability
  • minimal operational cost
  • regular measuring and O2-monitoring
  • exact control even at fluctuations of produced gas
  • remote maintenance

Guaranteed professional support by our trained service staff. Whether by phone, remotely or on site.

  • Maintenance of gas analysis
  • Scheduling
  • Response
  • Spare Parts & Shipping
  • Discount System Replacement
  • Billing interval
  • Support (phone, remote, on-site)
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