Power Up Your Waste

Energy360 technology maximises biogas from your waste, so that the gas becomes a valuable source of renewable energy.

Utility Cost Savings

Meat and other food processing plants have high utility costs and low profit margins. The waste water stream has a high biological load and is costly to dispose of. A biogas system will process this waste, reduce the biological load in the water, generate biogas and provide a source of renewable energy. This replacement gas will realise utility cost of savings of between 30 and 70% per annum for at least 10 years and potentially up to 25 years.

Check the – Biogas calculator

Maximise Renewable Energy

As an engineering procurement company, Energy 360 brings together Australian industry leading biogas handling expertise with our strategic partners. These skills and experience have been developed over many years. Energy 360 will work with the client to design a quality system to maximise the renewable energy opportunity.

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