current biogas projects

Current Biogas Projects

Current Biogas projects under construction : OEF 100 Flare OEF 100 Flare : Current Biogas project under construction Biogas flare and gas handling equipment – Designed and constructed at Carrum Downs, Victoria 3201   Specifically designed for the client based on our standard ABM branded, SEF flare (Sectional Enclosed Flare) with the modification on stack and…


circular economy

Latest Case Studies

Bioenergy Case studies Energy360 are Australia’s leading Biogas specialists – We design, manufacture and operate bioenergy systems – organic waste/ Landfill/ AD Biogas OEF100 Flare – 2022 OEF 100 Flare : Biogas flare and gas handling equipment – Designed and constructed at Carrum Downs, Victoria 3201   Specifically designed for the client based on our standard ABM…



Landfill gas capture and energy generation

Landfill gas capture and energy generation : Client – EPSA for Cleanaway Cleanaway landfill renewable energy The Solution The Boral Western Landfill at Ravenshall / Deer Park plays a critical role in the waste management and resource recovery processes supporting metropolitan Melbourne. Landfill gas capture Two new landfill gas conditioning and delivery skids were engineered and…


wastewater energy generation

Bioenergy System – 200m3 per hour

Wastewater energy generation Case Study: Wastewater treatment plant and energy generation Client: Teys Australia            Project completion: 2019            Location: Naracoorte, South Australia   About Teys Australia is a 50/50 partnership between the Teys family and the Cargill Company. The company is the second largest meat processor…


low cal flare

Low Cal Flare

Low Cal Flare Project overview: We designed and supplied a low cal (low calorific) flare for a landfill site with low quality gas. The flare is designed for the flaring of gas with a low methane content and can be operated in 2 modes, “normal” or “lean” gas. Lean gas will be in the range…


pumping trial flare

Pumping Trial Flare

Pumping Trial Flare Equipment overview: Pumping trial flare: Energy360 designed this flare to flare gas at 500m³/h at a landfill site in eastern Victoria. The flare is designed to prove the LFG flow and flare the gas. The LFG enters through specialised nozzles and is ignited by a UV interrupted LPG pilot. Flare status, faults…


Thermal Oxidiser

Thermal Oxidiser

Thermal Oxidiser Project Location: Sydney NSW Project overview: Thermal oxidiser was designed and installed by Energy360 to mitigate the emissions produced by the bitumen storage facility. Vertically fitted with an integral Energy360 burner, the upper chamber and stack are constructed from carbon steel with stack bonded 1,400oC lining. The shell is coated with an insulating…


Skid Mounted Biogas System

Skid Mounted Biogas Delivery System

Skid Mounted Biogas Delivery System Location: NSW abattoir Project overview: This client has been running an Energy360 flare from their new Covered Anaerobic Lagoon for over 4 years. The CAL and the flare are fully proven and the additional step of taking the biogas from the CAL to the boiler was implemented. Energy360 designed, manufactured and…



Biogas Delivery System and OEF150 Flare

Biogas Delivery System and OEF150 Flare Project Location: Meat Processing Facility, Queensland Equipment overview: The by-product from the processing plant and waste water, are directed to Covered Anaerobic Ponds (CALs) and from here biogas is captured and used as an alternative fuel source to co-fire the boiler to produce steam for the plant. Energy360 worked…



OEF 300 Flare for Landfill Gas

Flare for Landfill Gas – OEF 300 Location: Landfill site in Victoria Equipment overview: This is a newly designed flare for landfill gas, fully enclosed flare capable of 3,000m3 hr, with re-engineered pipeline placements. Using a PD (Positive Displacement) Blower, the biogas is extracted from the gas wells embedded in the landfill site at high pressure. New…