project - low cal flare

Low Cal Flare

Low Cal Flare Project overview: We are designing and supplying a low cal (low calorific) flare for a landfill site with low quality gas. The flare is designed for the flaring of gas with a low methane content and can be operated in 2 modes, “normal” or “lean” gas. Lean gas will be in the…


project - pumping flare trial

Pumping Trial Flare

Pumping Trial Flare Equipment overview: We designed this flare to flare gas at 500m³/h at a landfill site in eastern Victoria. The flare is designed to prove the LFG flow and flare the gas. The LFG enters through specialised nozzles and is ignited by a UV interrupted LPG pilot.


OEF 300 Flare for Landfill Gas

OEF 300 Flare for Landfill Gas Project Location: Landfill site in Victoria Equipment overview: This is a newly designed, fully enclosed flare capable of 3,000m3 hr, with re-engineered pipeline placements. Using a PD (Positive Displacement) Blower, the biogas is extracted from the gas wells embedded in the landfill site at high pressure. New instruments were designed…


OEF 100 Flare for Landfill Gas

OEF 100 Flare for Landfill Gas Project We designed and manufactured an OEF-100 base model flare to be used to flare gas from a northern NSW council landfill site. OEF 100 Flare for Landfill Gas Project