Ancillary Equipment

CAL Biogas Relief Valve

The valve is opened via the CAL pressure operating on a large weighted diaphragm assembly. The sealing force is proportional to the difference between the set pressure and the CAL pressure. A separate 25mm impulse line is used to connect the CAL to the diaphragm to avoid the cyclic opening and closing. This increases the capacity of the valve to quickly reduce the CAL over pressure.
The stand is manufactured from mild steel, hot dipped galvanised and the valve head is full stainless steel.

CAL Pressure Measurement

Accurate measurement of the biogas pressure under a covered Anaerobic Lagoon (CAL) is fundamental to eliminating venting, minimising flaring and maximising biogas use in a boiler or engine.

The following is a diagram showing set points on a typical system. Starting and stopping the flare or blower and selecting which CAL to draw from cannot be achieved successfully without reliable CAL pressure measurement.

To operate between these set points we use and recommend the Energy360’s pressure intensifier. The Pressure Intensifier multiplies the CAL pressure by factor of 10 giving accurate reliable CAL pressure measurement.

ABM Pressure Intensifier
Cal table

CAL Control Valves

The Energy360 CAL Control Valve is used to enable biogas to be selectively drawn from a CAL in a multi-CAL system. Actuation can be electric or pneumatic with starting and open position set via the Energy360 SureLink mechanism.

ABM CAL Control Valve

Knockout Pot

Energy360’s knock out pots provide a reliable solution to removing free water from the gas stream. Typically they are manufactured from 316 SS and have various drainage options.