Anaerobic Digestion

Energy 360 delivers turnkey bioenergy systems in partnership with Wiley and Ökobit.  Our Australian designed and supported system is guaranteed and delivers simple capital paybacks of approximately 6 years – a significant improvement on paybacks offered by our competitors.

Biogas is the by-product of a biological process called anaerobic digestion – the collection and decomposition of organic matter in an oxygen free environment.  Biogas is captured throughout the anaerobic digestion process.  Biogas is predominately methane and can be used as a replacement for natural gas.

Bioenergy systems have been used around the world for decades and the process is well proven and understood.  It is a simple and valuable method of capturing the carbon energy within the waste stream, allowing the separation of the energy from the essential nutrients, allowing these to be reinstated as fertiliser and the energy to be used for heat and power.