ÖKOBIT is a leading German biogas engineering firm with over 200 national and international biogas projects constructed over a 17-year period.

Energy360 has partnered with ÖKOBIT (biogas and biomethane plant experts), to establish an Australian-first project management and engineering procurement business model that creates a renewable energy solution so agricultural and food processing plants can turn their waste into profit.

ÖKOBIT is one of the most sought-after full service suppliers within the European biogas industry. They develop and build technically intelligent, substrate-flexible biogas and bio-methane plants engineered to correspond to the specific local conditions of our clients.

ÖKOBIT is an owner-operated company with a solid base and an exceptionally wide range of services and expertise. Their team of experienced biogas engineers, business experts, as well as energy and environmental engineers is fully committed to the implementation of environmentally compatible biogas systems operating at the highest level of economic efficiency.

With ÖKOBIT’s own process control system, they actively support biogas plant operators in optimising the efficiency ratio and systematically lowering the energy consumption of a plant. The collaboration with Energy360 will ensure the design and construction of turnkey biogas systems that maximise renewable energy and yield profit for each processing plant in Australia.

Biogas systems can be scaled, from a 75kW system for an on-farm digester up to an industrial scale multi-source organic waste facility of 2MW.

Australia’s rising gas prices provide an incentive to upgrade biogas to biomethane. For these projects, ÖKOBIT will design a site specific upgrade process. ÖKOBIT will provide advice independent of the manufacturer and process, to enable the implementation of the most suitable upgrading process and coordinate the overall design according to local requirements and conditions.

Biogas Technology for Small Scale Manure Plants