Funding  / Grants

Capital Financing

Investment in this type of equipment is a significant upfront cost. That’s why Energy 360 has commenced discussions with multiple funders, including one of Australia’s big four banks to access their partnership with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC).

Funding can be provided at commercially competitive rates, but most importantly, this funding can be provided to a structured partnership. This takes the liability off the balance sheet and preserves precious working capital.

This type of arrangement gives the client the opportunity to enter into a Build Own Operate agreement, giving the construction and many of the ongoing operating risks to our experienced team.

Emissions Reduction Fund

The Federal Government has replaced the Carbon Pricing Mechanism with the Emissions Reduction Fund.

Under this legislation, sites with a waste water treatment plant can apply to receive funds for abatement of carbon emissions.

Energy 360 is working with a leading consulting company to register and participate in the auction process to receive this funding.